Yauatcha CNY Lanterns

I was asked by Chinese restaurant chain Yauatcha to reinvent the traditional chinese lantern for thier CNY 2018 celebrations.

I really enjoyed creating an array of handmade bespoke lanterns for their sites in both London & Houston.

I chose to
Lucid Lands @ The Met

Series of collages on display and sale at The Met Breuer Store & The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store in New York

These Imagined landscapes appear briefly in ones mind. Disparate images are united by Vivid hues, distorted perspectives and unrecognised forms.

Each original scene done by hand, combining coloured paper, printed matter, airbrush, pastel and Ink.

These works explore recollection and process. bold flat colour and and clean cut lines encapsulate moments of clarity. Whilst rough torn edges and spray mist echo these hazy visionary forms

Mini Totem Lights @ The Met

New series of Mini Totem sculptural lights
Made escpecially for the Met Museum, New York City.
Currently on dispaly and sale at the Met Breuer Store & Met Museum Mezzanine Store
In conjunction with Ettore Sottsass: Design Radical exhibition at Met Breuer, July 20th 2017 onwards

Glass, Concrete, Electrics & Flourescent bulb. 60cm high.
Duck Duck Goose

Complete design of the duck duck goose brand and 1st restaurant site in Pop Brixton

I worked closely throughout the project with Head Chef & founder Oli Brown to create the visual identity - utilitarian yet playful.

I also designed and installed the space which sits inside a converted shipping coantainer. Inspiration for the decor started with the retro Cha Chaan Teng diners of Hong Kong, and was supercharged with warm pastels, rich jades and classic HK butcher lights, but stays true to the wipe clean practicality of cafe culture by inventive use of compossite materials, from the laminate tables to the vinyl terrazzo floor to the sealed pegboard walls.

duck duck goose
Pop Brixton
49 Brixton Station Road
London SW9 8PQ

Photo credit - Camille Mack
Omidyar London

I was asked back by social philanthropic Investment firm Omidyar Network to design a mural for each floor of thier new London Headquarters in Hatton Garden.
Walls feature abstract interlocking shapes to symbolise the union of project and investor.
Taste London

Mural painted for the Wines & Spirits Theatre in Taste London

In a seaside town I came accross a solitary abandoned house, stranded in a gigantic empty site like a ship in the vast ocean.

Clearly in need of assistance and commandeering, I painted its protective boards with relevant maritime distress flags.

No buildings were harmed in the making of this project.
British Food Deconstructed

Collaboration with Motherland to produce a series of post-modern-inspired porcelain children’s plates entitled ‘British Food, Deconstructed’.

Screen-printed in a family-run factory in Stoke-on-Trent in eye-popping colours, there are three playful designs to choose from. Each piece is dishwasher-safe.

Single plates available to buy here for £14

Whole set available to buy here for £40
Black Butter Records

I created several paintings in the new Black Butter Records ofiices located in the Sony headquarters, London.
Wired 0815

I was asked to produce an image with hidden numerics for the cover of the Features supplement in Wired Magazine August 2015
Monopoly House

Green "Monopoly" House painted in the condemned Sweets Way Estate in North London, where residents are being ejected, and their home demolished to make way for new devlopment.
In Our Manor

As part of the second "In Our Manor" group show I produced a series of simple paintings on paper.

On display at Hasler Gallery in a beautiful art deco parade Finchley, the exhibition also featured work by - Goodchild, Ellie Andrews and Sean Renisson Phillips.

Paintings available to buy in the shop
Exterior Experiments

Ongoing personal project painting site specific pattern around the globe.
Fractured Energy

Window Installation at Red Dog Music / Relentless store, Denmark Street, London.
Google Internet

A set of Images explaining how the internet works. Produced for Google
Le Squat Sportif

myself and collective TIMC painted this huge abandoned sports hall in Camden, London. The design was inspired by the existing graphics in the building

Collaborative project for Goodstuff hand painting signage in their London office. All typography to be used on their new website.

Jamie Julien Brown
Harry Fieber
This is my costume
David Samuel
Jamie Julien Brown
Harry Fieber
David Samuel
Harry Fieber
This is my costume
This is my costume
This is my costume
Lights Camera Action

Vinyl installation at post production house the Mill in Soho, London

Windows feature abstract representations of the tools of their trade
Indian Signs

Personal project painting free signage for small businesses whilst away in India.

Smart Look barber saloon, Patnem, Goa.

True Value travel agents, Palolem, Goa.
White Totem Lights

New series of all white Totem Lights

2 sizes available : Small (60cm high ) and Large ( 110cm high )

Consisting of individually sourced glass lampshades, surrounding a glowing core, all stacked high on a concrete base

Blurring the lines between product and sculpture, these dynamic forms are equally as impressive on standby as they are illuminated.

For sales enquiries please email me - jamiejulienbrown@gmail.com or visit the Darkroom shop - 52 Lamb’s Conduit Street. London WC1N 3LL

Ace Hotel

I painted 4 rooms for the new Ace hotel in Shoreditch

Rooms 645, 642, 124, 122

The Brief was 'Monochrome Landscape' and my concept was 'Power Couples'

Project managed by Rarekind Agency
Totem Lights

As part of their new 'So Sotsass' Season, I am proud to be collaborating with Darkroom to present three new Totem Lights.

The first members of a growing family, each a one-off, varying in size, colour and character.

Consisting of a combination of coloured and textured glass lampshades, surrounding a glowing core, all stacked high on a ceramic tiled base.

Blurring the lines between product and sculpture, these dynamic forms are equally as impressive on standby as they are illuminated.

For sales enquiries please email me, or visit the Darkroom shop - 52 Lamb’s Conduit Street. London WC1N 3LL
Data Dinner

Published in German WIRED Magazine.
Article about new food printers that use algorithms to create unexpected food combinations tailored to the individual

Set Design - Jamie Julien Brown

Photography - Jess Bonham

Interior artwork for digital media company Fetch, based in Shoreditch.

My concept was to use colour gradients in a site specific way, maximising the original architectural features of the workspace.

Big thanks to Freddie Goodchild for assisting on the job
Dutch Wax

Founded and run by Pierre Omidyar ( Founder of Ebay ) Omidyar Network is a philanthropic investment firm dedicated to harnessing the power of markets to create opportunity for people to improve their lives. We invest in and help scale innovative organizations to catalyze economic and social change

As they mainly assist new business in the developing world, primarily Africa, my concept was to create a wall painting directly inspired by Contemporary "Dutch Wax" Fabric popular all over Africa, especially the designs that include modern technology.
Measure of Quality

Making the perfect cocktail requires scientific accuracy and creative flair in equal measures.

These results show a classic drink from each of the five families, experimentally presented in its tried and tested ratio

Martini, Hot Toddy, Margarita, Whisky Sour, Sea Breeze

Produced for The Gourmand 02

Set Design - Jamie Julien Brown
Photography - Jess Bonham
Retouching - Andrew John Simpson

Hand Built

Abstract illustrations published in an Italian diary planner.
New Veiws

Wall painting in the Camden offices of music management companies ATC and Mainstage. The space had no windows, so i thought five would help...
Full English

Screen print homage to the traditional breakfast

Egg, Bacon, Sausage, Beans, Chips, Black Pudding, Toast, Tomato, Mushroom, Ketchup and Mustard.
produced for RareKind Soho exhibition.

Available in the Shop

You Can Now Flag

As part of the launch of the new YCN website, I designed and produced a large handmade flag to adorn the HQ, the flag is made of workwear fabrics to represent the "anything is possible with graft " attitude of YCN.
A 20th Century Palate

My contribution to the first edition of The Gourmand, a new food and culture journal.
The concept was to represent design movements of the 20th century through specially arranged plates of appropriate food, each finished with a hand cut paper tablecloth background.
English Riviera

Hand painted hotel room, Regency Square, Brighton. Inspired by classic English riviera posters, and my experience living in Brighton.
Financial Times

Editorial illustration for article on the lengths we go to to modify our houses in the search of perfection.
Olympic Terrain

Vinyl Collage for London Olympic graphic art exhibition in Hampstead, London

I was commissioned by the Mexican restaurant chain to create artwork for their new restaurant. I was given a lot of freedom, and really enjoyed the project. Creating abstract totems, vibrant linear patterns and a wall of floating designs using paint and perspex.

Ongoing personal project producing vinyl collages to represent different emotional situations
Silverlink Exhibition

My exhibited works from 'Silverlink' a group Show at Klughaus Gallery, New York.
Cracked Exhibition

Several paintings for 'Cracked' group exhibition in Soho, London.
Wall painting - Collaboration with Roid.
Live Billboard

Massive 10 metre by 24 metre hand painted billboard. Part of the Becks Music Inspired Art Programme, covering the front of the Foundry, East London
Lucky Nines

Installation for YCN, 72 Rivington street.

Building transformed into giant 'One Armed Bandit' fruit machine

Blueprint commemorative screenprint available in the Shop
Man Like Me - Peculiar

Music video for the single Peculiar, by Man Like Me. Direction - Jamie Brown / Anna Lomax. Art Direction - Jamie Brown / Anna Lomax. DOP - Ivan Ogilvie. Wardrobe - Melody MaKer - www.WordToMelo.tumblr.com Make up - Kim Keifer Assistant - Leila Ziu.

Painting in Sesimbra, Portugal.
Music Inspired Art

Beck's beer project to paint venues across the UK with site specific artwork inspired by specific piece of music
Club Sandwich - 72

I was asked by YCN to produce an original take on the 72 Rivington Street “stripes” identity. I decided to use the markings to form a series of tasty club sandwich screen-prints each individually finished with a hand cut vinyl garnish, four delicious flavours to choose from....available here
Crack & Shine

Identity, including end papers, poster, and murals for Book on London Graffiti.

My contribution to an exhibition about video games in Brighton.